Interface MutableMapToFreezables

All Superinterfaces:
HasState, Map, MapToFreezables, MutableMap
All Known Implementing Classes:
MutableFreezerHashMap, MutableHashMapToFreezables

public interface MutableMapToFreezables
extends MutableMap, MapToFreezables

This MutableMap maps any Object as a key to a Freezable. This interface adds methods to the MutableMap interface for working with identifiers.

David Walend

Field Summary
Fields inherited from interface net.walend.collection.Map
Method Summary
 void putAllIdentifiers(Map keysToIdentifiers)
          Put a map of keys to identifiers into this Map.
 java.lang.Object putIdentifier(java.lang.Object key, Identifier)
          Put an identifier into this Map.
Methods inherited from interface net.walend.collection.MutableMap
clear, put, putAll, remove
Methods inherited from interface net.walend.collection.Map
containsAll, containsKey, containsValue, get, getIdentitor, getJavaMap, getKeys, getValues, isEmpty, keyIterator, sameContentsAs, size, valueIterator
Methods inherited from interface net.walend.collection.HasState
getPrincipleInterface, sameStateAs
Methods inherited from interface net.walend.lyophil.collection.MapToFreezables
containsIdentifier, getdentifiers, getIdentifier, identifierIterator, keysToIdentifiers, valueFreezableIterator

Method Detail


public java.lang.Object putIdentifier(java.lang.Object key,
Put an identifier into this Map.


public void putAllIdentifiers(Map keysToIdentifiers)
Put a map of keys to identifiers into this Map.

Copyright (c) 2000, 2001, David Walend